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what brand of quartz is best for multifamily housing

There are many attributes to consider when deciding which quartz will best suit your multifamily projects. Some of those factors include color choice, budget, aesthetics, and safety attributes regarding your choice of quartz.

Green Guard Certified

It’s important to take into consideration the safety of using quartz in a multifamily project. Quartz that are green guard certified are part of the best selection to choose from because they are safer for everyone that encounters them. There are many building materials that can increase the number of VOCs, Volatile organic compounds, to be emitted into the air this includes using certain materials such as quartz. When a quartz is green guard certified this means that the quartz meets the indoor air quality requirements by producing low chemical and particle emissions. This is important to consider especially when individuals who have health issues, children or pets are exposed to these VOCs. By using green guard quartz, you create a safer environment that produces a healthier space for individuals who come in and out of your property.
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Value Engineering

Quartz is also important if you are thinking about value engineering. Many individuals confuse value engineering to sacrificing the quality of the products you use to cut cost, but this is not the case. Value engineering is choosing a high-value product as an alternative to a high-cost product. Quartz is a great alternative to natural stone if you are trying to budget the cost of your multifamily project. You can get similar appearances to natural stone but without the extra maintenance and time needed to maintain natural stone.


When it comes to the aesthetic you are trying to create in a multifamily unit you want a design that can go with multiple styles so everyone can customize their own space. Quartz will have a more uniform look which is crucial when you are keeping the same base scheme for each unit.
H2: Popular Quartz Colors
Some of the most popular quartz at Republic Elite belong to our group 1 this group consist of our colors Aurora, Pale Ivory, Sabre, Silver and Snowcrest. These colors can be used in multiple schemes and styles and give an overall clean, fresh look with colors that can accommodate warm or cool color schemes.

Price Levels:

Price levels vary depending on the quartz but some factors that can increase the price is the difficulty of the quartz being installed as well as how it is manufactured. The manufacturing process consists of 5 steps. Those steps are:

  • Mining the raw quartz
  • Crushing the quartz and sorting it
  • Manufacturing the polyester resin
  • Transporting all the separate ingredients to a manufacturing plant
  • Plant combining and creating the quartz slab.

Key Characteristics in High Quality Quartz vs Low Quality

It can be hard to distinguish high quality quartz versus low quality quartz unless you are an expert but some key characteristics to look for can point you in the right direction. Make sure you ask about what your quartz is compromised of. At Republic Elite all our quartz colors contain 89 to 94% quartz particles. At Republic Elite our quartz selection offers green guarded quartz. We also provide a vast variety of different colors to fit every multifamily project you have. Another factor to look for is whether the quartz has any type of hazing. Hazing Is when a stone looks dull or fuzzy this can be a sign that the quartz is of poor quality.

Quartz is a great option for multifamily housing. At Republic Elite we offer an extensive selection to choose from. To view all our quartz options, click on the products tab on our website at