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Republic Elite has almost 5 decades of experience manufacturing, installing & selling multifamily cabinets. We are an innovator & a USA based manufacturer.

Trends we are seeing in 2022 in multifamily cabinets include but are not limited to:

Wall of Tall

Increasingly multifamily clients are asking for less. By this I mean: our clients desire fewer wall cabinets. They want to make windows wider and are willing to go as far as to remove wall cabinets altogether. We have experienced the onset of this with floating shelves which began as accents, then eventually it led up to floating shelves surrounding hoods and replacing wall cabinets. The premise behind this is a brighter and more open feel about the room, and contemporary style, which is minimal. The challenge with this is of course having enough storage to retain the client’s kitchen goods while achieving this step towards an open and minimalist design. To allow for this a practical spin is the “wall of tall” that adds floor to ceiling cabinetry, and all tall appliances to one wall.

Floating Shelves & Open Cubes & Glass Inserts

Contemporary style is on the rise and with it comes the minimalist look. Interior trends are calling for more culturally diverse displays, making a bit of a juxtaposed statement. Tenants want to entertain more, and they want to express their personal taste, such as items accrued during travels or handed down from one generation to the next, regardless of whether their items fit into a ‘style’ or theme perfectly. For the kitchen, look for ways to incorporate niche areas and atypical display space as a backdrop to allow for this level of personalization. Floating Shelves & Open shelving & cubes allow for this personalization in the multifamily environment. Highlighting a favored art piece or stemware collection can also be accomplished through the strategic use of glass inserts. If budget is limited as most multifamily budgets are, place these near the sink or another focal area.

Little Nooks & Niches

Beyond the kitchen, multifamily designers & developers are seeking out ways to better utilize other spaces in the home. This concept is not new but became even more important during the pandemic.

With entertaining on the forefront of the mind, multifamily designers are looking for ways to incorporate reading nooks, wine bars, mud benches or just additional cozy seating areas into areas that were once wasted space. Republic Elite’s team of estimators, designers and value engineers are skilled at incorporating your design intentions with your budgets.
As rents have escalated in 2022 these small, but meaningful uses of space have allowed multifamily developers to command these higher rates & differentiate themselves from the competition.

Learn more about trends in multifamily cabinets & countertops from the experts at Republic Elite. Contact your account manager to secure samples, pricing & more. As we move into 2023 let the cabinet manufacturing experts at Republic Elite guide your design choices. Rely on Republic.