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One of the hottest trending amenities in MFH are home offices and coworking spaces. This trend helps those who are now working remotely or even those starting up a new business. These types of environments provide tenants with the experience of working in an office while also allowing them to separate their workspace and living space.

Different Types of Work amenities in MFH

There are several work amenities that can be offered in multifamily housing. One example being a home office. In multifamily housing this area is usually a designated area with a desk and space for a computer most often these spaces are smaller and more confined but for many that prefer to work in solitude this space might be optimal for their needs.
Another option is a communal workspace also known as a co-working space. This is an area that is laid out like a business center and helps separate living space from the workspace. By creating separate areas for your tenant’s work and home lives there’s more potential for them to increase their work ability, achieve more goals, and eliminate the stress they might feel from working at home.

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The Pros and Cons of Home Offices and Communal Workspaces

There are considerations that need to be reviewed before agreeing to a particular type of workspace. And depending on your personality and the way you work others might prefer one type of work area as opposed to the other.
When working in a communal workspace distractions can easily occur and it may be difficult for you to concentrate. There is also a lack of customization in these areas due to the area having an open concept and shared by others. This can be difficult for some who feel it is necessary to create a space that is their own.
The advantages of a communal workspace are that it is a flexible plan option and its affordable and it has flexible space. Coworking spaces tend to offer things like high-speed Wi-Fi, free printing and scanning, and complimentary beverages.


Home offices have many pros and cons especially when in a multifamily space. Some pros to a home office are that they are customizable and convenient. You can maximize the amount of sleep you have and do not waste money on gas. Cons – There is less separation between work and life and this in turn makes it difficult to maintain a healthy work and life balance. Home offices also make it difficult for collaboration and you would virtually need to have all your meetings via zoom, phone, or email connections. And in turn a home office takes up a significant amount of space and if it’s not taking up a lot of space this means that it is a small area that can feel crammed and uncomfortable.
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