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Floating Shelves

It’s been long debated whether floating shelves are here to stay or if they are passe. The answer to this is yes, floating shelves are here to stay. Floating shelves are functional & are available in styles that complement a multitude of design aesthetics.
Floating shelves can bring something to just about every room they are put in. They are perfect for minimalistic designs and can offer a sense of the outdoors. Using organic materials inside evokes a sense of calm. Let’s explore the possibilities of incorporating floating shelves in multifamily spaces.

Floating shelves in Kitchens

The kitchen is the focal area of a multifamily property. Therefore, it is important that your kitchens are not only functional but incorporate a design that will stay on trend throughout the years. In multifamily units’ storage is essential. This is where adding a floating shelf can be beneficial. One use of floating shelves in the kitchen is when there are two upper cabinets that have a space between them. By adding a floating shelf, you can bridge the gap between the two cabinets and not only give the kitchen an additional decorative piece, but it can hold items tenants use daily. Floating shelves can also be utilized in a fun way by creating a space for a coffee or tea bar. This gives a cozy and welcoming experience to any multifamily kitchen.
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Floating Shelves in Bathrooms

No one can deny that bathroom storage is a never-ending battle. Multifamily bathrooms can be small and cramped but floating shelves can help add necessary space to hold toiletries, towels, and additional items. Floating shelves are not only far more aesthetically pleasing than other alternatives such as bulky over the toilet shelving, but they are also extremely functional. Because they don’t have hardware, floating shelves are streamlined and can fit relatively anywhere.

The Variation of Floating Shelves

When you think of a floating shelf you probably picture a small wooden shelf that usually isn’t used for much, but this does not have to be the case. A floating shelf can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, glass, or wood. With each material you can bring a different look to your kitchens or bathrooms. And don’t forget about painting or adding color to your spaces by having different colored floating shelves. This can help bring a pop of color into the room and help you stay up to date with some of the most popular colors. Floating shelves can also come in an array of shapes don’t feel confined to a linear look but make a statement with a fun geometric design.

Floating shelves can help you customize a space or provide more space to hold your items. Discover how Republic Elite can help add value to your multifamily properties by adding a floating shelf to your next project.