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Republic Elite offers over 40 granite colors in budgets to suit the most discerning multifamily developer.

Granite countertops are the hardest & most durable natural stone surface you can install in your multifamily kitchens.

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Here are some benefits of granite:


Heat resistance

While we still advise the use of hot pads or trivets, if your clients should accidentally place hot pans on the countertop, it won’t be damaged or discolored.

Scratch resistance

We don’t recommend chopping vegetables directly on the stone countertop surface, but everyday use should not cause scratches, even by the busiest of cooks.

Stain resistance

Your clients should always wipe up spills as soon as possible, especially with acidic liquids such as vinegar or tomato sauce — but when natural-stone sealer is applied regularly, a granite countertop repels stains.

Low maintenance

All you need to keep a granite countertop sparkling clean is a mild cleanser and a soft cloth.

Colors and patterns

Granites are available in a wide variety of colors, including neutral shades from white to dark brown and exotic shades of rusty- or rose-red or gray tinted with blue or gray. Patterns range from subtle to bold and dramatic.

In contrast, Republic Elite offers over 30 of the most popular & trend-worthy quartz colors through our Catalina brand.

Quartz countertops are engineered surfaces. They contain about 90% pulverized quartz, which is combined with other minerals and pigments to create different colors and patterns and bonded together with a strong polymer resin.

Over the last decade quartz has been steadily gaining popularity, and here are a few reasons why:



Like granite, quartz countertops are extremely resistant to stains and scratches.

Water resistance

Quartz kitchen countertops are completely waterproof and never need sealing.

Low maintenance

Since quartz countertops are water resistant, cleaning them is easy and just requires a mild cleanser.

Return on investment

As quartz countertops soar in popularity, multifamily developers recognize that they will secure a solid return on their investment both from increased tenant occupancy & rent rates.


Unlike natural stone countertops, you can see a sample of quartz and know it will look the same when installed. Quartz countertops are manufactured in solid colors, ideal for contemporary decor. It is estimated that on a commercial level that 70 % of the quartz colors used are white, 20% grey with remaining 10% split between black & beige.

As a multifamily designer or developer, you can’t go wrong with granite or quartz. Both are durable all stars on the multifamily scene. It is truly a design aesthetic & budget choice. Use a mitered, laminated or waterfall edge to complete your design intention. Contrast your countertop selection with superior Republic Elite cabinets in a wide range of colors.

To learn more about Republic Elite’s granite or quartz selections, contact your account manager & request samples. We will be happy to assist you with your next multifamily project. Rely on Republic.