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Natural granite is held in high regard as a premier countertop material because it reflects unique character, stability, and grandeur. Variations in natural granite’s broad range of color, pattern, and texture are visually interesting and impossible to replicate.


The diversity of natural granite countertops encourages limitless design potential. Aesthetically, what you do with stone is as varied as your imagination. Its many factors in the way stone formed within the Earth contribute to its varieties and enhance the creativity it provides – something that cannot be duplicated in a laboratory or come from a mold.


Natural granite countertops exhibit a durability not found in other building materials. There is an emotional connection to buildings and monuments that use natural stone.

Green Attributes

Natural granite countertops possess innate characteristics that can contribute toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) construction. Consider natural granite’s low embodied energy, ready availability, no off-gases to impair indoor air quality, high thermal capacitance, and exceptional durability for low maintenance and structural permanence. Using natural granite shows that you care about the environment and consciously strive to preserve it.


Design projects should stand out and reflect the passion, taste, and personality of the designer. Natural granite is a one-of-a-kind building material that sets you apart from others because it can’t be manufactured or faked.


The value in natural granite countertops is more than a monetary measure. It involves longevity, ease of maintenance, permanence and stability that far exceeds its initial investment. Utilizing natural granite countertops is now more affordable than ever due to advancements in stone quarrying and processing technology that has improved efficiency over the years. New automated machinery allows Republic Elite to cut faster, more consistently and at less cost than in times past. In addition, natural granite is simple to care for, has an appearance that literally improves with age and can last a lifetime.