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design trends in multifamily hardware

Hardware can make or break the design of a space. So now that you have cabinets chosen, it is time to dive into the smaller detail that makes everything come together, multifamily hardware.

Matte Black Hardware

Matte black hardware is an excellent way to update your multifamily kitchens and bathrooms. This neutral color offers a clean slate that gives a space the ambiance of a high-end environment. Keep your multifamily units looking luxurious and modern with the use of matte black hardware. Due to its color this hardware is also less prone to smudging and fingerprints. This is a significant reason this product has risen in popularity over the years. Matte black hardware is also a striking, and bold color that creates a visually strong impact on the room. Revamp your multifamily units by considering this timeless and sophisticated hardware.

Satin Gold Hardware

With matte white cabinetry continuing in popularity in multifamily properties its important to find ways to enhance it or give it a unique look. Satin Gold hardware is a choice that brings additional warmth to your kitchen or bathrooms. Satin Gold is also an updated version of the brass color that is not as reflective but is saturated with color. With other accent colors such as blue and green on the rise satin gold hardware pairs flawlessly by complementing these colors.
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Mixed Styles

One trend that has been on the rise lately is mixing cabinet hardware. This elevates the style and functionality of the space. From a design aesthetic this brings more visual appeal and character. When considering mixing the styles of hardware be cautious of the number of cabinets you have as well as ensuring that every piece of hardware comes in the same finish. By having them all the same finish this will bring cohesion throughout the space and give the appearance a uniform look.

Shape of Hardware

Hardware can come in a variety of pulls, bars, knobs, cups, and more. But here are a few tips to help you select the right one for you! When it comes to attaining a modern aesthetic the best selection for the style of hardware is a pull. The more linear the hardware the better. When the hardware has a curve or bend to it this can lessen the effect of the hardware. Knobs are a shape that are best suited if you are going for a more subtle appearance and will bring more focus to the actual cabinet as opposed to the hardware.

Consider Republic Elite when comparing hardware. Let our account management team guide you on the best design for your multifamily budget.