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What are Euro cabinets?

A frameless cabinet is sometimes called a Euro cabinet. It has no face frame & concealed hinges.

What are European cabinets made of?

Most European kitchen cabinets are constructed of plywood or particleboard material.

Why should I specify Euro cabinets?

Unlike traditional American framed cabinets, the Euro style cabinets are more efficient in their use of space. These cabinets provide convenient access to spaces that were unavailable. There is little wastage of storage space when you use European-style cabinets compared to traditional face frame designs. Additionally, these cabinets are quite durable.

Where does the renewed interest in Euro cabinets come from?

We believe it is because you can’t digitize cooking. The kitchen & all the tools that fit in it are very tactile. The kitchen supports both young & old in the resurgence of unique hobbies & pursuits. From the production of craft beer to dry aging steaks, today’s renters want more out of their kitchens. To accomplish their pursuits, renters are looking for ways to maximize space for their things. This desire for a “lifestyle hub” and space has encouraged the use of Euro cabinets. These thoughtful designs convey the style of your multifamily property & reinforce the shift of the kitchen to the “new living room.” Modern design, clear lines provided by Euro cabinets add depth to the look you are specifying.

What are the most popular door styles in Euro cabinets?

Three of our most popular door styles include: Manhattan, Aspen & Shaker. These showstoppers are simple, modern & thoughtful.

What are the most popular colors in Euro cabinets?

Matte White, Tin Roof & Cashmere Grey consistently outperform all other colors. We believe that their performance is attributed to the fact that these colors are neutral & subtle. This allows the designer to create impact & personality for the multifamily property with accessories.

What colors do you see emerging in the REI collections?

We are experimenting with greens & blonder woods to determine if they have the “legs” necessary to be incorporated in our collections. Most multifamily trends are difficult to predict. In addition, they tend to be safe because the cycle from specification to installation is typically 24 months. We take our position as an industry innovator seriously. We aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We push forward as team with purpose, passion & a commitment to excellence.

Republic Elite has partnered with national designers & multifamily developers to create kitchens that have a legacy & that stand for enduring value. We have quietly been manufacturing over 1 million frameless Euro cabinets per year in East Texas & North Georgia. We have five decades of experience & over 50 color selections for you to specify. From thermofoil to melamine to stained, we are confident that we manufacture a selection that will complement your design aesthetic. Contact your account manager to secure pricing & samples.