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One of today’s hottest trends in kitchen cabinetry is the use of blue melamine cabinets in kitchen designs. For instance, blue islands are being used in white kitchens as an accent piece. They are also being used for an entire kitchen, in one or more shades of blue. There are also a lot of kitchen cabinet ideas with white wall cabinetry, blue base cabinetry, and blue islands.

When browsing social media, you will see bold, deep blue cabinets such as REI’s Dark Harbor or Aegean Sea for islands, bases, and wall cabinets in white or cream kitchens. This pop of color adds a beautiful eye-catching feature to white kitchens. Dreaming of a bold contrast of color? Mixing white, cream, or light gray melamine cabinets or stained wood cabinets or countertops with dark blue cabinetry is stunning. Another wonderful way to enhance a multifamily kitchen is adding Shaker style cabinetry.

melamine cabinets
melamine cabinets

Are Blue Kitchen Cabinets in Style?

Blue melamine cabinetry is in fashion. We hear it from within the industry, and we see it in the designs. You will also discover a wealth of blue kitchen cabinetry designs on Houzz and Pinterest. Blue recessed, flat panel door styles, like Shaker-style cabinetry, are the most popular of blue door styles.
In smaller kitchens, lighter color cabinetry is an excellent choice as it makes the room appear larger and more inviting. That said, it is also popular in large kitchens. In fact, designers consider blue melamine cabinets today’s new neutral. Blue melamine cabinets mix extremely well with many of today’s other popular finishes, such as gray, green, and even black paints.

What Color Countertop Goes with Kitchen Blue Melamine Cabinets?

White quartz countertops are an excellent choice for blue melamine cabinets in your multifamily project. The blue of the cabinetry brings out the veining in the marble. White quartz countertops provide a classic, trendy look, and they lighten up the room. The addition of gold or brass hardware is stunning against both blue and white cabinetry, adding a touch of glamour to your multifamily design. White quartz adds a touch of class to blue melamine cabinets.

The addition of gold or brass hardware is stunning against both blue and white cabinetry, adding a touch of glamour to your multifamily design.

melamine cabinets

We know blue for its calming and restful effects, and the feeling of harmony and serenity it brings to those in the room. Bright tones of blue bring an energetic feel to a room when mixed with white or yellow. Dark blue finishes are ideal for traditional conservative multifamily kitchen designs. Dark blue melamine cabinetry mixed with white cabinetry brings a cooler, breezier feel to a room.
Blue kitchen cabinets are stealing the kitchen island scene. They are a charming, fresh pop of color when used in one of today’s popular white kitchens. Blue melamine cabinetry lends itself to transitional, casual, country, contemporary or traditional design styles. Many multifamily designers are choosing shaker door styles and finding themselves pleased with their lovely, peaceful blue, and white kitchens. With all the shades of blue out there, it is easy to find one that suits your multifamily design style.

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