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Is it time for you to consider going with melamine cabinets for your next project?
Most people would answer this with a question:

“What are melamine cabinets?”

Melamine is a manufactured wood panel product that is comprised of an internal core of particle board with thin exterior layers of thermally fused papers on each side. These papers comprise a resin coating that provides a durable hard surface that wipes clean easily and is resistant to scratches, chemicals, and staining. It has the same resin that is used in Formica and other laminated products. The particle board can be made from sustainably grown wood and is glued together with moisture-resistant products. Melamine comes in a wide variety of solid colors, textures, and faux wood grain patterns. This product offers consistent finishes because it is manufactured in a controlled environment, whereas solid wood can vary in pattern and color.

You can find melamine throughout many industries. It is used to make office furniture, display counters, dry erase boards, and is a great option for making cabinets for your next project. It has become a popular building material because it looks good, is durable, can be smooth, or have texture. This material is a great alternative to more costly solid wood cabinets, especially with the current market conditions.

Are you wondering why cabinetmakers don’t use as much solid wood as they used to and are moving more and more to melamine products? One main reason is that solid wood expands and contracts and can experience cracking, sagging, bowing, and warping. Melamine products offer a more stable, uniform material. Another big reason would be the consideration of cost. Premium quality wood just costs more, which makes melamine a more affordable option. While every project has a different budget, melamine gives designers and customers an excellent option for great looking cabinets and is affordable at the same time. It has also become a go-to choice for designers from coast to coast.

“Why wouldn’t you consider melamine if it saves you money and gives you great looking cabinets?”

Contributed by Patrick Moroney Product Line Manager – Cabinets