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Designing with Black

When you think of black, you may think of it as a color that’s dark, dull, and even depressing. But in reality, black is a timeless hue that can be used to create stunning interior design projects. It has the power to make bold statements and evoke strong emotions. If you’re considering incorporating black into your next multifamily housing project, here are some tips to help you achieve that perfect balance between modernity and sophistication.

Black Cabinets

Black cabinets can add a contemporary touch to any kitchen or bathroom design. To keep the space from feeling too closed off, pair the cabinets with lighter quartz countertop. This will create contrast and give the room more dimension. Additionally, it’s important to consider how much natural light is available in the space when selecting cabinetry materials for darker hues like black; if there isn’t enough natural light, this can lead to the room feeling closed off. But if your units get proper natural lighting, matte black cabinets are the best option to consider due to them easily hiding scratches and stains. For added texture a dark wood grain thermofoil is the choice for you.

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Black Countertops

If you’re looking for an edgy look in your kitchen or bathroom, consider pairing black countertops with white cabinets instead of black ones. This combination will create an incredibly modern look while still offering plenty of contrast. With technological advances quartz countertops can have a unique look and be more than just a simple black countertop! Today we have quartz that have small reflective particulate that gives it a reflective shine or even a muted black for a softer appearance. Additionally, using materials like quartz or granite will also provide a more refined finish and reduce maintenance costs down the line.

Design Style & Accessories

When designing with black, consider which style best fits your goals—some popular options include Minimalism, Contemporary and Industrial styles which all use a predominant amount of black. It’s important to add other colors into the mix as well; adding colorful accessories such as pillows, throw blankets or wall art can help bring life into the room without overwhelming it with bright hues. Lastly, don’t forget about lighting! Natural lighting is key when it comes to making sure spaces don’t feel too closed off; however, if natural lighting is limited then opt for task lighting fixtures that provide direct illumination on specific areas (such as countertops) rather than general lighting fixtures which disperse light throughout an entire area.


Using black in your interior design projects doesn’t have to be daunting–with careful planning and consideration it can create stunning results! Whether you choose to go bold with cabinets or subtle with accessories – there are plenty of ways to incorporate this timeless hue into your next multifamily project without sacrificing style or comfortability. Check out our stone and cabinet selections by visiting our website at where you’re sure to find the perfect balance between modernity and sophistication when designing with black.