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Design is an innate human need to express ourselves. The desire to surround ourselves & our clients with beauty brings both joy & functionality to our lives. Beauty that can be felt through touch or seen allows us to express ourselves. Republic Elite is proud to introduce the top three trends in multifamily interiors.


Simplicity or Minimalism is about living with less, focusing on essentials & organizing our spaces & minds, so we can reconnect with our inner selves. Purity, minimalism & simplicity are at the forefront of multifamily interior design trends. Eliminating chaos brings serenity & calmness to spaces. Simplicity in multifamily interiors is also about fine artisanship & details. In this multifamily design palette, look at our Pewter Grey Thermofoil Cabinets paired with Pale Ivory Catalina Quartz. Consider pairing Mesa White Thermofoil Cabinets with Catalina Silver Quartz. Ensure you look at upgrades such as drawer organizers or pullouts so that everything is corralled & kept in its place.

Bringing The Outside In

Style Inspired by nature – including wood, stone & earthy hues to bring the outdoors in. A key focus of bringing the outdoors in to multifamily interiors is understanding that our homes restore our bodies, minds & spirits. This top trend focuses on establishing close contact with nature to achieve a more grounded & slower pace of life. Finding escapes in nature also allows us to celebrate imperfections. This multifamily interior trend allows us to create environments that blend the balconies or other sources of natural light with our kitchen interiors to create holistic havens. In this design palette think of woodgrains, terracotta, and natural stones. Consider Driftwood or Sandalwood Thermofoils paired either with Snowcrest Catalina Quartz or Ivory Moon granite.

Dreamy Digital

Dreamy digital blends technology with design to create aesthetics that allow us to escape into new realities. Technology connects people with friends, families & experiences. Technology blends entertainment with virtual & augmented realities. In this design palette, think stark whites & jet-black quartz. Consider our PET High Gloss White melamine cabinets for uppers. Pair your glossy cabinets with Jet Set Catalina Quartz or Capri Moon natural stone countertops. Style & design surround us. They both impact how we feel & the personality of our multifamily kitchen & bathroom interiors. Our collections are built for multifamily designers who are authentic & innovative.

Republic Elite is an innovator. Our Republic Elite team works hard to ensure that our collections embody the essence of affordable & aspirational. Our cabinets & countertops are durable tools for the multifamily designer to obtain what they expect from a proven turnkey solution.

To learn more about top trends in multifamily interiors or for design guidance for your next multifamily project, connect with one of our account managers for guidance. From the design to installation, our turnkey experts at Republic Elite have you covered. Rely on Republic.