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Dark cabinets have been used for centuries to create beautiful and timeless designs in not only single-family homes but also multifamily units. And dark brown cabinetry is making its way back into our lives! Although there are a few changes to its traditional look many are turning away from white colors and wanting to embrace cabinets with color. Especially ones that reflect the outdoors and organic forms of materials.

What Makes Dark Cabinets Unique and Appealing?

Dark brown cabinets can elevate any look especially when we add that natural and earthy look of the wood grain. By combining this warm and inviting color and making sure the wood grain is visible you add a touch of sophistication that is usually missing in outdated brown cabinets. Dark brown cabinets can be used in many different styles of interior design, from traditional to modern. They are also very versatile and can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms to creative a cohesive unit. These cabinets create a uniqueness to the space with their combined beauty and practicality, making them an appealing choice for any interior style.

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The Benefits of Choosing Dark Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Dark stained cabinets are an amazing addition to multifamily because it brings a traditional feel you usually get from a home in a multifamily version. Dark cabinets do not have to be dark and moody but instead can be used as accents to make other items pop. Dark brown wood cabinets fit into the idea of having organic-looking materials in the space. Many individuals are yearning for more color in their spaces after having limited options of white and grey toned cabinets. Creating a desire from many individuals to bring back color. With bright colors going on full display, we get this retro feel of the 70’s back with a modern twist and wood grain shining through again.

What Accessories can be added to Dark Brown cabinets for a more stylish Option?

An easy way to change the look of dark brown cabinets from a traditional to modern style is simply by changing the door shape. With decorative style doors its easy for dark brown cabinets to look outdated choosing a Shaker or Manhattan also known as a Slab style door can bring a whole new look to your dark cabinetry. Another design option you should consider is including open shelving. Open shelving can completely transform the room by creating the sense of openness or lightness.

Get the Republic Elite Look

At Republic Elite we have a variety of options that can achieve the perfect dark, brown, wood cabinetry look. For a higher end, luxurious look we have our stains for a truer natural and organic feel with our stains being applied to the following wood selections: Maple, Oak, and Poplar. If you are looking for a more affordable option, we have a selection of wood grain thermofoils that bring any project to the next level. For a true dark brown wood look we suggest our colors Nighthawk, Verismo and Grey Linen. For warmer options try our Sienna Forest, Driftwood or Sawmill Cliff thermofoil cabinets.