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When deciding on new cabinetry for your multifamily kitchen projects, an essential first step is choosing the style of your cabinet doors. REI offers various styles, fitting of any design trend, but our most popular door styles are variations of traditional Shaker cabinetry. Frameless Shaker style kitchen cabinet doors are classic and simple, so they complement a variety of kitchen designs.

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What Are Shaker Style Cabinets?

Frameless Shaker kitchen cabinets are a popular trend in current kitchen trends because of the timeless and simple look they give to either a traditional or contemporary design. The return to simplicity is one of the reasons why Shaker style cabinet doors are so popular in every design circle. The most basic shaker style cabinet door is a five-piece door with a recessed center panel and no additional edge detailing. The five-piece doors combined with five-piece drawer fronts create a finished look. Since frameless Shaker doors work well with traditional, transitional, and even contemporary designs, the flat panel cabinet doors are also highly favored.

frameless shaker doors
frameless shaker doors

Why Is It Called Shaker Cabinetry?

Shaker style cabinets were originally built, by the Shaker religious community predominantly during the 19th century. Guiding principles of the Shaker religion included simplicity, utility, and honesty. The simplicity and utility aspects of these principles were readily apparent in their hand-made, wooden furniture.

The Shaker design tends to avoid any flourishes of style, but rather in favor of simple and functional aesthetics. The simple and clean lines of Shaker cabinets lend themselves to placement in modern or contemporary kitchen designs, despite their traditional origin.

Are Frameless Shaker Cabinets in Style?

Frameless Shaker kitchen cabinets are gaining popularity due to their clean lines and classic look. Frameless Shaker cabinets are often a natural wood finish or stained to bring out the natural wood hues in darker colors. Gray or white shaker cabinets are also prevalent in modern kitchens as they give off a light and inviting feel that many contemporary spaces pursue.

frameless shaker doors

Modern Shaker Style Kitchens

The modern kitchen designer appreciates Shaker style cabinetry because it is clean and uncluttered. The doors can be left plain or cabinet hardware may be added, depending on your client’s preference. While finished wood adds warmth to modern kitchens, Shaker cabinets look just as attractive in black, white, gray, navy, and more. If you like the modern look of cabinets that boast beautiful dark wood grains, ask to see samples of REI’s thermofoil Shaker cabinet doors.

Transitional Shaker Kitchens

Transitional kitchen designers often select Shaker style cabinets because they help to create the “transition” between traditional and modern kitchen elements. Even traditional kitchens can use this clean design style in their design. Choosing antique or eclectic drawer and door hardware will also help to add that traditional feel to your cabinets, should your clients desire.

Republic Elite has a wide variety of frameless Shaker cabinets for you to choose from.
Door samples are available upon request.