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top trends in multifamily cabinets

Cabinetry is constantly evolving and it is important to stay on trend to give your customers a place they can call home. With multifamily properties continuing to grow its important to have something that is unique but can still fit a vast amount of aesthetics. Here are a few trends we expect to see in 2023.

Two Toned Cabinets

Two toned cabinets are a popular trend in cabinetry design. By selecting different complimentary colors for your upper and lower cabinets it adds space and dimension. This trend is great for smaller kitchens and will create an illusion of openness while also producing a visually enticing design. Two toned cabinets do not have to be solid colors, you can add more texture to the space by using wood grains. Two toned cabinets also provide your tenants with a sense of customization and can give you an extra edge as opposed to other competitors who only have one cabinet color.

Wood Grain Cabinets

As we start embracing a more industrial and organic look, wood grain cabinets have been at the forefront to satisfy this need of bringing the outdoors in. With impacts such as COVID-19 many individuals have driven away from static plain cabinets and have opted for something that connects them to nature. With the texture and warmth these cabinets provide, a sense of peacefulness ensues. The most popular selections of wood grains lean towards a warm blonde wood grain.
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Boldness through Color

Another aspect nature has inspired us with is color. The latest color trends revolve around nature, bold greens that reflect colors in the forest or deep blues that remind us of the ocean. These colored cabinets are great to use when going for a two-toned design. By using color for the lower cabinets and white for the uppers you add uniqueness to the space as well as keeping the room open.

The use of Thermofoil

Thermofoil has been one of the most used products for multifamily cabinets. This material is not only easy to maintain but is a cost-effective solution. It comes in a variety of colors and wood grain options. Thermofoil can help achieve the above looks with ease and are less susceptible to warping or damages due to the thermofoil acting as a layer of protection for your cabinets.

Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinets continue to gain popularity over the years due to their versatile and timeless appearance. This cabinet consists of a flat panel that is boarder with vertical and horizontal edges. With their simple appearance they can work well in any style and are a broad selection for any multifamily kitchen.

High Gloss White

If you are looking to make a statement, high gloss white cabinets are going to be your standout option. These highly reflective cabinets make the kitchen appear larger and more open. Get a sleek and modern look by pushing the boundaries of normal cabinetry and giving your kitchen an east coast flare.

Final Thoughts

These trends are important to consider when designing your multifamily properties. By understanding what the next big trends are we can create buildings that are more sought out after and will give your clients a sense of comfortability. For more information about what Republic Elite has to offer visit our website at And view all our selections of thermofoil, melamine, and paint cabinets.