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So, you’ve been researching thermofoil cabinet doors. During your research, you have come across something called “thermofoil” cabinet doors and you want to know more.

You’ve come to the right place, Republic Elite Multifamily Interiors. Over 50 % of the 1.2 million cabinets we manufacture in the USA have thermofoil cabinet doors.

Questions you may be asking yourself are:

“What is thermofoil?”

“How much do thermofoil cabinet doors cost?”

“What are the pros? The cons?”

We have put together a quick list that should help answer those questions and more. So, here are the facts.

1. Thermofoil Is Actually… Vinyl

Despite its rather deceptive looking name, thermofoil is not made of foil or any other metal for that matter. It is a layer of vinyl that is applied to cabinet doors that are made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

2. Thermofoil Cabinet Doors Are Easy to Clean

The thermofoil laminate tends to resist stains, so cleaning them is very easy and is quite often possible with nothing more than a damp towel.

3. They Are Available in A Variety of Colors and Patterns

Because of the process used to make thermofoil cabinet doors, you can find them with many different colors and wood grain patterns. It is easy to find one that will match any décor. Republic Elites offers close to 25 colors for you to choose from.

4. Moisture Resistant, But Not Moisture Proof

Thermofoil cabinet doors are more moisture resistant than plain mdf and wood, but they are not entirely moisture proof. If the laminate is damaged, moisture can get in and damage the material underneath badly.

5. Doesn’t Do Well with Excessive Heat

This type of thermofoil cabinet door looks beautiful when installed in your multifamily kitchens, however if you place them too close to a heat source (such as ovens), the heat can cause the laminate to peel. This problem can be mitigated using heat shields.

Republic Elite is proud to offer over 25 different colors & 4 different door styles in thermofoil cabinet door selections. We manufacture 1.2 million cabinets from coast to coast. Connect with your account manager on the right thermofoil cabinet door for your multifamily project.