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Stained cabinets offer a simple & traditional design aesthetic. The process of staining allows the character of the natural wood to show through.

In contrast painted cabinets are clean & modern. Since cabinet paint is thicker than stain, it creates a smooth & uniform finish which does not show the character of the wood.

Aesthetic and Colors

When it comes to appearance, the choice between painted cabinets and stained comes down to your client’s preference.

Painted Cabinets

  • Smooth, modern look
  • Covers the natural wood grains with a solid color
  • Available color options are practically endless

Stained Cabinets

  • Displays the natural look of the wood grain
  • Color options are more limited than those for painted cabinets

Painted cabinets were traditionally more challenging to clean than stained cabinets, although washable paint options and protective topcoats make care simpler. When removing kitchen grease from painted cabinets, avoid harsh abrasive cleaners in favor of soft microfiber cloths and mild dish soaps. Stained cabinets can be wiped down with relative ease using a cloth and water. You should remove spills as soon as they occur and avoid aggressive cleaners that can dull the surface. Since stain gets absorbed into the wood, it’s less prone to cracking, flaking, and chipping when the wood cabinets expand and contract naturally with changes in humidity. Painted cabinets are more prone to cracking because the paint doesn’t move as the wood expands and contracts.

In stained cabinets Republic Elite offers 4 distinctive color choices in 3 different wood grains. Our wood grains are available in 15 different door styles & include maple, oak, and poplar. These elevate your multifamily property. Our painted collection features 8 on trend colors & eye-catching door styles designed for the most discerning design palettes. One key difference is our painted cabinets are only available in framed construction. Our stained cabinets are available in framed & frameless construction.

As we referenced in our earlier blog, the rise of the use of two tones is especially popular with not just thermofoil cabinets, but painted cabinets. Typically, multifamily designers utilize a darker color such as Dark Harbor on the base cabinets & a lighter color on the uppers such as white or ivory. If looking for a sleek sophisticated look, consider adding Black Sea on uppers & lowers & contrast with white quartz countertops.

From concept to completion: Republic Elite has five decades of experience manufacturing both painted cabinets & stained cabinets. Should you need guidance on which option fits your design aesthetic, budget & intended life cycle rely on the experience of Republic Elite.