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As multifamily continues to sizzle across markets, we have seen an increase in both lease rates & cap rates to multifamily developers. Many designers struggle with whether to incorporate natural stone or quartz in their design aesthetics.

Designers balance both budget & design to achieve optimal cap rates for their clients, the developers. Renters consistently expect a higher grade of materials, but they watch for those materials to be used in ever-ingenious ways. Natural stone delivers a bevy of unique benefits.

For multifamily space design: the sustainability of organic materials, a unique look of class and beauty, and—most important—a wide selection of materials for the discerning taste. From warm and energetic earthen tones to the refined and peaceful impression of neutral shades, this year’s best natural stone options serve to connect the multifamily space to nature’s brilliance.

Two of the best multifamily natural stones are granites & quartzites.


This igneous, crystalline rock is the Earth’s second hardest stone—a feature that makes granite a solid choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


Known for its neutral tones and unique sparkle, natural quartzite is a go-to choice for bathrooms, kitchens and wet bar areas.

With so many available options, natural stone opens amazing design possibilities for creating a multifamily space environment that turns heads. The following are a few of the ways natural stone can be used to create a stylish look and maintain integrity:


The addition types of natural stone as the backsplash, complemented with a muted wall color, has the potential to open a room and create a focal point to lure in a future renter.


Optional natural stone finishes in multifamily include polished. Steer away from honed or leathered finishes as the care & maintenance required is not optimal for multifamily spaces.

If torn between manufactured & natural stone, consider that natural stone has a longer life cycle & produces less carbon energy when making your decision.

Republic Elite has built its reputation on manufacturing & installing natural stone in the multifamily environment. Our skilled designers & account managers can provide guidance on what is best for your design & budget intent. Learn about our collections & request samples of our multifamily natural stone selections.