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When you’re planning a multifamily new build or renovation, there are a lot of independent parts and pieces that must come together to create a whole coordinated, beautiful space.

Because Republic Elite manufactures cabinets & offers so many colors and patterns of quartz countertops it can be confusing to pair them correctly.

Here are a few tips for pairing multifamily quartz countertops with your cabinets & flooring:

  • Order a few samples of each product you’re considering and compare them.
  • Always view and compare cabinets and multifamily quartz countertops in natural light as well as the artificial light in your kitchen.
  • Choose your countertop first, then select cabinets that complement it.
    Neutral colors are easier to pair — if you want to add color to your design aesthetic, use accessories such as wall art, small appliances, or other objects.
  • Select cabinets and flooring that have the same color temperature, which means they should both have either cool or warm undertones.
    Typically, you’ll want to pair darker floors with lighter-colored countertops.
  • If your countertop has color variations such as veining or speckles, try pairing it with flooring in complementary colors.
  • If your countertop has a bold pattern, choose flooring with a more subtle one.
  • Consider how each surface fits with your design aesthetic, such as modern or traditional
  • Lean on different edge treatments to enhance the quartz color selections you have chosen. From mitered to laminated to waterfall, Republic Elite can guide your choices to ensure your design intentions mirror your budgets. We are value-engineering experts.
  • If your multifamily budget allows for it: Consider adding an accent wall made of quartz beneath the Republic Elite open shelving to highlight your multifamily kitchen. This is an easy way to minimize harsh lines in the room and create a seamless transition from your countertops up to the ceiling.
  • Our designers have put together a few of our popular quartz countertops and cabinet colors that pair beautifully. No matter which combos you choose, you’re going to love the easy multifamily quartz countertop care and maintenance, as well as the durable elegance of your Republic Elite cabinets.

Modern sophistication is also one of the reasons people love multifamily quartz countertops.

Although they are engineered to resemble natural stone, they’re also available in solid colors that meld well into a contemporary design scheme. Catalina Quartz countertops are perfect example of a clean, simple look that complement any multifamily interior. Consider these combinations for your kitchens, bathrooms, or and media rooms. Although we think they’re perfect pairings, chances are you can come up with even more creative combos using the tips we’ve provided.

To learn more about Republic Elite’s multifamily quartz selections, contact your account manager & request samples. We will be happy to assist you with your next multifamily project. Rely on Republic.