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Did you know Republic Elite is the direct source installer of composite marble in multifamily baths & showers?

We can provide these showers to your multifamily projects at a fraction of budgets you would assume, because we build on the adjacencies of our labor team.

To provide the initial wow factor it is critical to select the right surfacing material. Common surfacing choices include solid surface, cultured marble, porcelain tile & engineered marble.

Solid Surface – Composed of acrylic, minerals, natural pigments to create seamless surface This product does scratch easily but scratches can be typically sanded out.

Cultured Marble – Composed of stone particles, pigments & resins and cast in molds. Durable but common cleaning agents such as Clorox wipes & Barkeepers Friend will dull & scratch the protective gel coat of cultured marble

Porcelain Tile – Composed of exposing clay to hot temperatures. Nonporous, stain resistant. Look for appropriate class, color, and grade for your multifamily bath.

Engineered Marble – Composed of stone particles, pigments & resins. In most tests engineered marble has 80-90 % of stone particles while cultured marble has between 50-60%

Once you have selected your surfaces, consider the following tips for your multifamily baths & showers.

Reducing square footage in the design of your multifamily bathrooms does not need to impact your design choices. Learn how to make the most of small bathroom space.

Floor Plan Considerations

A smart floor plan can make small multifamily baths feel more spacious while providing all the necessary elements. To optimize floor space, consider placing a compact elongated toilet in the far corner instead of near the door. Place a tall storage cabinet across from the corner toilet that can hold spare towels, toiletries, and other items.

Shower and Tub Design Choices

Deciding between having a shower or tub in a small multifamily bath can be stressful for property owners & developers. If trying to conserve water and cater to younger working professionals or college students, showers typically use only 10 to 25 gallons of water for a five-minute rinse versus a tub that uses about 70 gallons when filled to the top. However, not every tenant just wants to take a shower.

Older retirees and families with small children often prefer tubs or shower/tub combinations to let the kids splash around in or to soak away aches and pains. Consider the types of renters that you attract to your multifamily building. Then select the right shower or tub design based on their preferences. If you only provide student housing options, a shower-only setup may be more ideal. Meanwhile, a small combination shower and tub with a tub/shower/hand shower system can cater to small families who have varying bathing needs.

Consider what sink fits best in your design scheme. Republic Elite has a wide variety of sinks to suit your multifamily bath needs.

Small bathroom designs should not detract from the beauty or functionality of multifamily rental units. Instead, this room can optimize limited space while the customized designs and multiple features can attract a range of tenants.

Republic Elite’s dedicated & experienced team can guide you through many of these design decisions & budget concerns. To order samples or request guidance, contact your account manager.