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Did you know Republic Elite offers & installs composite marble in multifamily baths?

We do. These trendsetting color panels provide upscale looks at a fraction of the budgets you may think accompany these. In most scenarios, you can incorporate composite marble baths for between $900-$1300 per unit.

Composite Marble is the ultimate surface for when water is ever-present. Instead of tile and grout, we developed a single panel that is water resistant. Stylish. Simple to install. And ready for everything.

A collection of on-trend and in-demand designs, the composite marble wall panel system withstands everyday use thanks to water resistant solutions. It is also unbelievably easy to work with. Composite marble can be installed without any special tooling in as little as 2.5 hours. Once it is in, it is dependable and requires little effort. Because it is grout-free, it is simple to maintain and clean.
Niches, shelves & other accessories compliment your multifamily baths.

Composite marble bath & shower surrounds are available in the following colorways:

Polaris White

By far this pure white is the most popular. It accounts for almost 75% of our sales. The uniformity of this clean color allows other elements to take center stage such as the accessories.

Bianco Carrera

You do not need to visit the Italian Alps to secure the looks. This faux marble has distinctive veining set on a gorgeous snowy white background.

Illusion Grey

This grey has cool undertones & provides a stark & minimalist backdrop for your multifamily bath or shower.

Vanilla Cielo

If you love the look of marble but are looking for a pattern more subdued, this showstopper is perfect for your multifamily bath or shower. The subtle veining in this unique color accents any multifamily bath.

Why Composite Marble is Suited for Your Multifamily Baths and Showers

  • Composite marble is engineered for easy installation, lasting beauty, and low cost of ownership.
  • Trend-aware designs coordinate well with popular bath finishes and materials.
  • Republic Elite’s water-proof wall panel system withstands everyday use.
  • With simple installation, the average time to install is as little as 2.5 hours.
  • Grout-free surface wipes clean with soap and a damp cloth for lasting beauty and easy maintenance.
  • On-time delivery, installation, and reliable service you can count on.

Composite marble does differ from cultured marble. It is more durable & scratch resistant. It is also not poured in place. Composite marble is a far superior product to cultured marble. It is denser & more durable. When comparing bids on multifamily baths, ensure that you are comparing apples to apples. Composite marble is also more durable than solid surface competitors. Solid surface can scratch & is not as durable. When comparing these surfaces, also ensure that you consider stain resistance as multifamily baths & showers are subject to harsh conditions. Composite marble performs well in these conditions.

For more information about our multifamily bath & shower solutions, contact your account manager for samples & pricing. From monochrome neutrals to classic marble looks, Rely on Republic for your next multifamily bath or shower project.